Meet Our Team

We are a strategic team that creates forecast and plan that ensure growth, manages and mitigates risk, looks at ways to advise crypto capital portfolio, and liaises with clients. A sound strategic team has a view of the complete picture of company operation and consider how every function and role affect the overall portfolio performance.

Liew Yih Su

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Liew holds a Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Administration and attains a membership in ICSA. He also has the expertise in advising clients' crypto-assets to achieve their long-term financial goals. He works closely with clients to monitor, strategize, and develop financial plans in order to meet the ultimate objectives.


Kewic Ng Jun Meng

Co-Founder / Chief Financial Officer

Kewic holds a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), and he had accumulated years of extensive experience by handling private placement of stock shares to pre-elected clients for a finance company and has actively involved himself in the blockchain industry since 2017. He also advises the fund and trades in cryptocurrency spot and futures markets to help cleints build better financial futures.


Lim Thye Yuen

Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer

Mr Lim was a blockchain expert in assisting the members of DavidJustin Blockchain Academy to master the basic skills in trading by implementing proper strategies. He advised client funds by analyzing market data and clients’ investment goals. By doing so, he develops strategic that balance income with risk management, which is volatile depending on market activities and the clients’ investment objectives.


Steve Lee Wei Cheang

Co-Founder / Chief Investment Officer

Steve started involving in forex trading since he was 17. After fours years, he became a forex fund advisor, advising a 3Mil USD funds with an annual profit of 100%. In the year of 2019, he began to learn cryptocurrency in depth, and developed a trading strategy with 80% winning rate and also providing one-to-one coaching on advanced crypto trading skills. He was awarded ‘The Highest Winning Rate’ in DavidJustin Blockchain Academy with his personal achievement in crypto with a trading of 90% winning rate.


Anson Tan Yuit Hang

Co-Founder / Chief Investment Officer

Anson is an experienced trader with more than 2 years involvement in the crypto derivative markets. In 2019, he has successfully built a stable and outstanding trading performance with an annual return of 1600%. He is currently engaged in his own crypto discord group with more than 1,500 members as a professional analyst advising a crypto fund size of 10Mil USD. He is also one of the crypto trading speakers in DavidJustin Blockchain Academy and has obtained more than 12,000 subscribers on his crypto trading knowledge YouTube channel (Anson Tan [The Tradveller]).


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