Cardinal Alpha

Established in 2020. Cardinal Alpha is a crypto capital portfolio advisory to enable clients to invest in a diversified portfolio of crypto assets advised by cryptocurrency experts.



Aspire to be the best, execute superbly, and be the top capital portfolio advisory company in crypto industry.


We provide professional advisory to build sustainable portfolio for our clients.


Aspire to be the best, execute superbly, and be the top capital management company in crypto industry.


We build sustainable portfolio and scale 5000 Bitcoin with company’s stakeholders.

How Safe Are

Crypto Industry?

A big argument for investing in a crypto funds as opposed to buying a basket of cryptocurrencies yourself is that you are not responsible for having to securely store a range of different crypto assets in different wallets. Instead, this responsibility is passed on to the crypto fund and for that plus their portfolio management skills, you are paying an annual asset management fee.

Having said that, the reality is that not all cryptocurrency companies have enough cybersecurity measures in place to ensure that funds are kept safe at all times. This has been made evident by a report by global consultancy company Deloitte, which found that hackers have stolen USD 400 million worth of cryptocurrency from initial coin offerings in the last two years. This number amounts to a whopping 10% of all funds raised during that time period.

This highlights the risks of letting third-parties handle your digital investments. Hence, it is important to only invest with reputable investment companies, preferably with those who insure their digital asset holdings.

The Future
Looks Bright

For Crypto Funds

As lawmakers around the world are currently discussing cryptocurrency regulations, we can assume that once these regulations are in place, more digital currency funds will appear as part of the natural progress of cryptocurrencies as an asset class. Currently, there is already some choice for investors but this will likely increase in the coming 12 to 24 months.

The growth of crypto funds is also a testament to the increasing maturity of cryptocurrencies as an asset class. More and more professional investors are recognizing that digital assets will likely play a role in the future of the financial markets and want to position themselves correctly to benefit from this future development.

Should You Invest

In Crypto Funds?

The decision of whether one should choose to invest in crypto funds over building one’s own digital asset portfolio lies with the individual and is largely dependent on how much time the individual can dedicate to cryptocurrency investing. Having said that, for investors who do not want to spend their days staring at screens and for those who prefer not to go through the somewhat arduous ordeal of having to securely store each coin in its separate dedicated wallet, crypto funds are the natural choice.

Therefore, for anyone who prefers a more hands-off approach to investing, crypto funds are the logical choice.